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The Triart Management company also has extensive experience with providing the music for films. Again, this covers everything from selecting an appropriate studio, through arranging for all types of musical ensembles and the necessary instruments, and all aspects of post production, to a choice of well-known Czech and international composers of music for films.


The members of the orchestra are selected players from major Prague-based symphony and opera orchestras such as the Czech Philharmonic, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of the National Theatre.

During the past 12 years of its existence, the orchestra has realised numerous recordings of Czech and international film music - the American movie The Pagan Queen, the Polish film Entanglement directed by Jacek Bromski, the Indian production of Cloud Nine Movies Thoonga Nagaram, the Dutch 3D project Dinosaurs at Dusk by Mirage3D, the Russian movie Leviathan by Pereval company and countless famous Czech films such as Zelary (nominated for The Oscars) or I served the King of England.  Thanks to these cinema projects the orchestra has collaborated with famous composers such as John Englisby, Kazimir Boyle, Ludek Drizhal, Nuno Freire Malo, Sundar C. Babu, Barbad Bayat, Mahyar Alizadeh, Petr Ostrouchov, Ales Brezina, Benedikt Brydern, John Califra and  many others.



For the Dutch company Mirage3D Studios we recorded music of the American composer Mark Slater for 3D film Dinosaurs at Dusk in the Smečky studio. 

Photos of recording

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„We met again our friend from India, Sundar Challapaly, and recorded his music to new india movie. Done in SONO records“

Photos of recording



„We made a new recording to the last movie by famous Czech director, Jiri Menzel. Music was composed by Ales Brezina. Everything was recorded in SONO studio and orchestra did a great job as usuall under leading Stanislav Vavrinek.“

Photos of recording



We again met with us already very well known composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist Ludek Drizhal on a new project called Entanglement (Uwiklanie by Polish). It is a brand new film by director Jack Bromsky, which will certainly aspire ... thanks also Ludek’s music ... for many awards. It was recorded in SONO Records studio again.

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Main Theme

Sunday Walk

Car Chase

What Witnesses





Turismo De Portugal | Nuno Freire Malo

We had an opportunity firstly to work with a great young artist from Portugal, whose name is Nuno Freire Malo. It belongs to the talented young generation of composers. The music, that we recorded, was a document, ordered by the Portuguese Government in support of the local tourism industry. The composer of music was nominated for several prestigious awards by the Association of American Film Music Critics a few weeks after the recording. And we look forward to meeting with him in Prague again. Recorded in the CNSO studio Prague.

Turismo de Portugal


Our project was music recording to Thoonganagaram film of Indian film production Cloud Nine Movies. Everything proceeded in a great SONO Records studio in Prague. The film was very high acclaimed by critics and we look forward to seeing soon the author of music Sundar C. Babu.

Official trailer

I Served the King of England | download mp3 sample

This is the most recent Czech project we have worked on. We spent a very enjoyable week in the Ve Smečkách Studio, where, with the director Jiří Menzel present, we recorded both the orchestral parts and some of the chamber pieces, using a string quartet and a trio. Once again it was an unbelievable experience; the director was extremely kind! His film was once again nominated for an Oscar – how could it be otherwise? – and also won a prize at the International Film Festival in Berlin. Of course great credit and many thanks must go to the composer Aleš Březin. Magnificent music!

About the film |

This film by Jiří Menzel has received awards at many international film festivals. The theme of Bohumil Hrabal's famous novel is the career of a waiter, later hotelier and finally roadmender during the period of the political upheavals in the first half of the twentieth century. Many times during his life he has the feeling that other people hold him in contempt because he is so short, because he sympathises with the Germans, because of his allegiance to Czech aspirations, because he was abandoned as a baby, or because of his personal philosophy of life. But he never grows bitter, returns other people's hatred, or takes revenge on them. He longs to be rich and to be successful in his profession, he longs for a loving woman – but he gains all of these only for a short time. He does not achieve recognition either as an Arian, or as a millionaire…

The Pagan Queen | mp3 sample 1 | mp3 sample 2

In May 2008 we had the honour to work on the recording of the music by the composer Benedikt Brydern to Konstantin Werner's film The Pagan Queen. We spent three really wonderful days in the CNSO Studio in the Hostivař district of Prague in the company of some amazing people. Although the work was demanding, it was also very enjoyable.

About the film | 

This independently produced feature film takes viewers back to the dawn of Czech history. The historical screenplay, with mythical elements drawn from the legend of Princess Libuše, is based on the plays by Franz Grillparzer and Clemens Brentan and the writings of Alois Jirásek.

Photos of recording | Click to enlarge

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Želary | download mp3 sample

zelaryOf all the projects we have worked on, this is among our favourites. Outstanding music by the composer Petr Ostrouchov and a superb group of musicians who recorded the music for the film with great enthusiasm. And of course this has a noticeable effect on the atmosphere! It was not for nothing that the film was nominated for an Oscar. The music was recorded in the Barrandov Studio Ve Smečkách Street in Prague.

About the film |

The film was nominated for an Oscar for best non-English language film of 2004. It was produced in cooperation with Richard Liegert and Bon Art Production. 


Účastníci zájezdu [Holiday Makers] | download mp3 sample

zajezdWhen the music for this film was recorded, a large orchestra was not used. This made the parts for the solo instruments, especially the wind ones, more difficult. Once again it could be seen that Czech musicians are of a very high standard, fully comparable with those from other countries. Recording took place in the SONO Records Studio.

About the film | 

This comedy, based on the novel and screenplay by the most popular contemporary Czech writer Michal Viewegh, is a follow-up to Román pro ženy [From Subway with Love], which was the most successful Czech film of 2006.



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