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Our company has been working with Czech and international partners on producing their music for many years now. We provide a full package, including the selection of an appropriate studio for the particular type of music and the recording of anything from small chamber ensembles to full size symphony orchestras or jazz big bands. If required, we can also provide post production, sound mixing, and also distribution of CDs.


Prague Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra first on Russian ITunes in the studio SONO Records.

In September 2013 we finished new recording project with great composer Kazimir Boyle. Some of the tracks you could listen here. Conducted by our friend Ludek Drizhal. Samples here:

Gold In Your Eyes

Goodnight, Stressboy

Our first project with Iranian friends done in Prague Czech TV studio in April 2014. Great conductor Hooman Khalatbari and composer Mahyar Alizadeh with our Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra. Music will come soon...

Photos of recording

img1 img1 img1 img1

„In March 2013 we first time met producer Sergey Bolshakov and conductor Felix Aranovskij. We worked togehter on big project. Was recorded 16 songs of famous russian group BI 2. Everything was great arranged by Gennadij Kornilov. 3 fantastic days with all of them in SONO!!“

Photos of recording

img1 img1 img1 img1

„In January 2012 we recorded a new CD by Joseph Ramada, popular american singer. The Prague Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra did a great job under leading american conductor, Louis Drizhal“

Spencer Gibb

After a year and a bit (January 2011), we again welcome in Prague Spencer Gibb and Aaron Frescas, who recorded music for their new CD there. Cooperation took place at a great level, the orchestra under the baton of Ludek Drizhal who has written orchestral parts, played like hell. The result is excellent! Unlike last time, now we recorded in our favorite Sono Records studio.

Photos of recording

img1 img1 img1 img1 img1
img1 img1 img1 img1 img1

Antida Thouret

October 17, 2010, we continued the recording project with our Italian friends, Maestro Paolo Saturn, Antonio Salvati and others. During this day we made a track record Cantata S. Giovanna Antida Thoured. The recording took place in the studio SONO Records again. We look forward to continuing next year.

Photos of recording

img1 img1 img1 img1

Spencer Gibb

Our last project of 2009 was the recording in December of the orchestra on the most recent CD of the outstanding American musician and singer Spencer Gibb. He co-produced the recording with Aaron Frescas and the orchestra was conducted by Ludek Drizhal, whom we know well from previous projects, and who on this occasion was also responsible for the orchestral arrangements. The recording was made in the Studio CNSO Hostivař.

Photos of recording

img1 img2 im3 img4 img5
img6 img7 img8 img9 img10

Roberto Pregadio

In November 2009 we were honoured by a visit from one of the most well-known Italian musicians and composers, Roberto Pregadio. He is a legend of Italian swing and jazz, who has played with instrumentalists such as Stefan Grapelli. The orchestra gave a fantastic performance under his direction, as is incidentally always the case. Everything was once again recorded at the SONO Records Studio.

Photos of recording

  roberto1  roberto2  roberto3  

Paolo Saturno a Antonio Salvati

In October 2009 we continued in our recording activities with a classical project. In the fantastic SONO Records Studio, just outside Prague, we joined forces under the direction of the Italian conductor Paolo Saturno and the producer Antonio Salvati to produce the first recording of a grand opera in this studio. A fabulous project with exceptional people whom it was a joy to work with.

Photos of recording

img1 antonio2 antonio3 antonio4 antonio5
antonio6 antonio7 antonio8    

Sarah Sharp | download mp3 sample

In September 2009 a recording project took place in the CNSO Studio in Hostivař under the direction of the outstanding American composer, arranger and conductor Ludek Drizhal, whose compositions include the music to the film Alabama Moon. We recorded the orchestral arrangements for the songs of the singer Sarah Sharp from her new CD.

Photos of recording

  sarah1   sarah2  

Peter, Paul and Mary Trio

At the end of September 2009 we were lucky enough to be involved in the most recent CD by the famous American trio Peter, Paul and Mary. A full symphony orchestra recorded 16 songs under the direction of the legendary conductor and arranger Robert de Cormier in the Hostivař CNSO Studio of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Amazing work, which leaves us with wonderful memories!

Photos of recording

peter1 peter2 peter3 peter4 peter5
peter6 peter7      



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