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One of the biggest recording studios in Europe offers the fabulous combination of great recording room, high-end recording technology like source connect and experienced professional staff. It's grate for recording orchestral or film music.



Recording Room:

             30m x 16.5m x 7.1m  [ W-H-D ]
capacity up to 120 musicans

Recording system:

Digidesign ProTools HD 2
DAT Sony PCM 7050
 PCM R-700

Mixing console:

Otari Status
32 IN
24 mono buss OUT


Neumann, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Bruel&Kjaer



B&W 801



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Listen to:
Track: A. Dvořák - Concerto in B minor for cello and orchestra
Interpreter: Jan Páleníček - cello, MFO - cond. St. Vavřínek


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