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Bohemia Music can provide you with its own, highly professional, recording team and a complete range of recording and editing equipment to enable you to produce professional recordings of classical music (from solo performers, through chamber and vocal ensembles to symphony orchestras (max. 50 persons)). It is one of the most overloaded studios in Prague for projects of this kind. Great number of string quartet, trios, solo recitals, choral or orchestral recordings for home or foreign production companies was made here.  Among the interpreters who recorded in this study, include Rafael Kubelik, Josef Suk, Vladimir Ashkenazy, PKO, the Talich Chamber Orchestra, Smetana trio, Zemlinsky Quartet, etc.At the same time, the studio is equipped with the latest technology for archival recordings's restoration. The studio is situated close to the center of Prague.



Recording system:


Apple MacPro 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Pro Tools 10.3

RME Fireface UFX - 24b / 192kHz



PC HP Workstation xw4600 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

Merging Pyramix v7

Meitner Emm Labs ADC8 & DAC8 MKIV


Analog Tape Machines:

Studer A80R 1/4" Stereo Master Recorder / 7.5-15ips

Studer A80VU 1/4" Stereo Master Recorder / 15-30ips

Mixing console:

Soundcraft Spirit Folio FX 16 II


Genelec 1037C

Genelec 8050APM





Bruel & Kjaer




Sound processor Lexicon 300

Music player
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Listen to:
Track: A. Dvořák - Concerto in B minor for cello and orchestra
Interpreter: Jan Páleníček - cello, MFO - cond. St. Vavřínek


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