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Studio Smečky is situated in the historical centre of Prague. Its facilities are intended above all for the creation of film music and for the basic production of popular music. The outstanding tradition of this studio over many years is confirmed by successful projects carried out here by personalities such as the film directors David Lynch and Roman Polanski. The studio is also suitable for recording music for computer games, of which a considerable amount has already been recorded here, and for recording over the internet in "virtual frequencies", when the artist is connected with the studio staff in real time, and can thus take part directly in the recording from anywhere in the world. The capacity of the recording room, which has outstanding acoustic qualities, is such that it can house an orchestra of around 90 musicians.



Recording stage:

1600 m3
12m x 19m x 7m  [width-length-height]
up to 90 – 95 performers, fully air conditioned

Recording system:

Mac PRO dual quad core with Avid Pro Tools HD3 v10.3.1

(3) Apogee ADX 16 → 48 inputs (fourth unit on request) 
(2) Apogee DAX 16 → 32 outputs
Apogee Big Ben – wordclock source with varispeed option
Digidesign IO SYNC

Mixing desk:
Amek Media 51 with preamps designed by Rupert Neve

44 inputs with direct outputs
12 mono buss outputs

Microphone preamplifier:

(4) Millennia HV–3D (32 channels)


(3) Neumann M150
(9) Neumann U87
(2) Neumann U47fet
(2) Neumann U89
(4) Neumann TLM103
(11) Neumann KM-184
(4) Neumann KM-84
(6) Neumann KM-83
(2) Neumann KM76
(6) Neumann KM-85
(4) Schoeps CMC-5 MK4
(3) Schoeps CMC-5 MK2S
(14) Calrec CM1050C
(3) BBC ST-C (ribbon)
(3) AEA R44
(2) AEA R84
(4) Audix CX-101
(4) Audix CX-111
(2) Sennheiser MD 421
Shure SM57
Shure Beta 52


Outboard equipment:

(2) Lexicon 300
Quantec QRS
Yamaha REV 5
Yamaha SPX 90 II
EMT 140 Plate reverb
(2) Neve 83046 stereo compressor
Symetrix 620

2track machines:

CD Recorder TASCAM CD-RW901 SL
DAT Sony PCM R-700
Tascam D-30 MK III


Tannoy 15 DMT II (main)
Tannoy Reveal 66 (surround)
Dynaudio BM 14S (sub)
Yamaha NS 10M Studio

Main amplifier:

QSC MX 1500a

Video projection:

Screen: Grundig GUVP4200 Apollo 42“ Plasma
Canopus ADVC 110 for Quicktime DV Stream output

Internet technologies:

Source Connect Pro v3.7
Source Connect Live v1.2
Digidesign Digidelivery

Internet connections:

10/30 Mbit non aggregated fiber connection
100/12 Mbit aggregated cable connection


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Listen to:
Track: A. Dvořák - Concerto in B minor for cello and orchestra
Interpreter: Jan Páleníček - cello, MFO - cond. St. Vavřínek


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