The North Czech Philharmonic

The North Czech Philharmonic is the only professional symphonic orchestra in the region of Usti. The foundation charter and the official ratification are dating from the year 1838. From the end of the 19th century the orchestra brang in regularly cycles of symphonic music in the interpretation of the most famous conductors and soloists of that time. The most important personalities of the world music scene gave concerts in Teplice, like the conductors Eugen d´Albert, Richard Strauss, the pianists Ferruccio Busoni, Conrad Ansorge, Emil Sauer, Ernö Dohnányi, Frederic Lamond, the violinists Pablo de Sarasate, Eugene Ysaye, Bronislav Huberman, Fritz Kreisler, Alexander Pečnikov, Henri Marteau, the violoncellists David Popper, Julius Klengel, Hugo Becker, Anton Hekking, the singers Lili Lehmann, Ernestine Heineke-Schumann and many others. In summer the orchestra absolved 150 colonnade and 18 symphonic concerts and in winter cycles of symphonic concerts. Above the artistic director Willy a lot of guest conductors led the orchestra, like Siegfried Wagner, Alexander Zemlinsky or Felix von Weingartner. In Teplice performed all famous Czech violinists from Jiří Slavík to Jan Kubelík. The activity of the orchestra ended at the end of the second World War with the closing of the German Theater.

In the year 1948 there was founded another orchestra - the City Spa Orchestra. Subsequently changed off a large number of conductors, like Miloslav Bervíd, Bohumil Berka, Martín Turnovský, Libor Pešek and Vladimír Válek. In the year 1972 there came Jaroslav Soukup into the position of the director and chief conductor of the orchestra. He enlarged the number of musicians of the orchestra, which took from 1979 the name North Czech State Philharmonic. After the events in November 1989 Jan Štván entered upon the position of the chief conductor and in 1991 Tomáš Koutník. Under his leadership was realized a recording of all symphonies of Franz Schubert on 4 CDs. In summer 1997 Tomáš Koutník left the position of the chief conductor. Nevertheless the time of his working in Teplice is generally characterized as an important period in the history of the orchestra. From July 1997 the young canadian conductor Charles Olivieri-Munroe, who came from the State Philharmonic Brno, took up the position of the chief conductor.

A new dramaturgy, which was opened and understandable to an extenive number of auditors, brang up a turnover in the number of visitors of the serial concerts. The new chief conductor and the orchestra influenced each other. Up to the present time Charles Olivieri-Munroe brang up a number of world-famoust artists to Teplice including the princess of Monaco, the pianist Caroline Murat. This cooperation found its culmination in a concert in Monte Carlo in 1999 in the presence of important people of the intenational social life. During that concert, whose proceeds were devoted to the Weizmann-Foundation, performed the famous violinist Maxime Vengerov together with the North Czech Philharmonic Teplice. The chief conductor Charles Olivieri-Munroe conducts the most important orchestras in the world and improves continually his conductor´s activities, what found its culmination in winning the 1st price of the conductor´s competition at the International Prague Spring Festival.

From the year 2001 the North Czech Philharmonic Teplice expanded its activities in the Czech Republic and abroad expressively. In 2004 the orchestra absolved 140 concerts, 52 of them abroad. More than 400 000 auditors in Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, France, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Malta and in other countries had the possibility to become acquainted with the rising artistical quality of the orchestra. The foreign critics pointed mainly out the young casting of the orchestra, its ensemble playing and the artistic impression in general. The North Czech Philharmonic begins to perform in European cultural centers like in Munich, Berlin, Basle, Paris, Valencia, Lisbon, Belgrade, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Grenoble, Madrid, La Valetta and others. In the year 2006 the orchestra began to cooperate with the prestigious agency Columbia Artists Managemant New York Inc. and in cooperation with its subbranch in Berlin the orchestra realized numerous concerts and projects. The latest project was a tour to Germany with the Lord of the Rings Symphony by Howard Shore with motives out of the same film. Successes abroad bring new invitations, what contributes to the reputation of the orchestra. Regularly the orchestra performs on the major stages in Prague and other Czech cities, too. In May 2007 the North Czech Philharmonic Teplice absolved a concert in the Dvořak-Hall of the Prague Rudolfinum within the pretigious festival Prague spring. This concert had very good critics. Nevertheless the emphasis of the artistic activities remains in performing concerts in Teplice with the main aim to contribute something to the cultural life in this city. Thanks to the abundant cooperations abroad and thanks to the important contacts with concert agencies, the North Czech Philharmonic is able to invite famous foreign artists to a cooperation within the dramaturgy of the serial concerts in Teplice. The orchestra does not forget even on the young people and perform a lot of concerts devoted for them, the future subscribers and auditors, who have the unique chance to recognize a big symphonic orchestra.

The North Czech Philharmonic is holded by the statutory city of Teplice. It is entrusted by the city to arrange and organize the Music Festival Ludwig van Beethoven, which was founded in the year 1964. From 2004 the number of concerts within the festival was enlarged from former 5 to 21 chamber and symphonic concerts at present in 12 cities of the region. Due to its abundant artistical activities the North Czech Philharmonic Teplice becomes a very meaningful institution of the region, bunching the best professional muicians of the region and contributing to the cultural life in the City of Teplice and in the whole region Usti.

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