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TRIART Management was set up for the purpose of promoting selected cultural activities in the Czech Republic and acting on behalf of a number of soloists and chamber ensembles, representing authentic artistic values. It is involved in the organisation of many leading Czech festivals, brought together under the common name of the Czech Cultural Festivities.
TRIART Management sets itself the goal of creating the professional conditions necessary for the organisation of artistic activities of the highest calibre. In presenting them, it makes use of forms that have a positive influence on the quality of our everyday life and are in keeping with today's lifestyle.
Against the backdrop of increasing economic and social globalisation, TRIART Management also systematically promotes "national art", in other words art that represents and continues to develop the artistic and interpretative traditions and values of the Czech, Moravian and Silesian cultural milieu, to the benefit of the general level of education.
In its work, TRIART Management endeavours to link together artistic activities and production activities.



The Smetana Trio - Concert on the 17th January 2017

The Smetana Trio is kindly inviting you to attend its New Year Concert on the 17th January 2017 - 7 p.m. at the Brevnov Monastery - Terezia Hall, Prague.


The solo violist Jitka Hosprová plays tango to Brazilians!

The first Czech solo violist Jitka Hosprová departs for the month tour in Brazil on 7th May. She will perform eight major concerts, each in a different concert space. She will present exclusively the Czech music and tango to Brazilians. Jitka performs often abroad and she is very popular because of her specialization. She has many funs in our country, but the most people know her thanks to her participation in the STARDANCE competition. more


Jitka Hosprová gave tribute to the king of the viola by her new album, she opens unusual music festival in February and starts out on a major tour of Brazil in May...

Jitka Hosprová is the ever first Czech solo viola player. She enjoys a recognition at home and abroad, and promotes this instrument not only by her great performance but as well by insightful words at concerts, radio broadcasts and through many other activities. She opens the first year of the interesting Musical Walking through the Arts festival in the Kampa Museum in February. In addition to her numerous domestic performances she will also go to the challenging tour in Brazil in May, where she will perform a solo recital as well as with major Brazilian orchestras. more


Jitka Čechová accepted an invitation to the Home Alone show of the Czech Television

We invite you to watch the popular Home Alone show of the Czech Television on February 4, 2015, which will host the leading Czech pianist Jitka Čechová. One of the main topics will be a release of the recordings of the complete piano works by Bedřich Smetana for Supraphon. However, we will know other artistic activities and recording projects, and we'll learn something from the privacy of our first lady of piano.

For Jitka´s TV broadcasting follow:


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